hila lipshes

Visual artist with great interest in photography and artistic focus on drawing and painting. After going to art high school and serving the Israeli Army as a graphic designer I studied for three years Fine Arts at Prat University in New York. 

In the course of my art studies, I learned to recognise and admire the most beautiful artwork in the creation which is the ONE!

On this path I had the privilige of bringing five children, who connect me so much deeper in unexpected and beautiful ways. Each one of them a masterpiece with unlimited potential and ideas, enriching my inspiration.

In the last years I am focussing on photography and my artistic passion is to portray the beauty of the wonderful people around me, their interaction with each other, the special moments in their lives which makes our culture so rich. The camera allowed me to come even closer to peoples hearts and feelings in moments that only a sensitive eye can capture.

I am photographing Brit’s, Bat Mitzvahs, Concerts and private projects and turning them into photographic series and books.

I'm looking forward for each interaction.